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The Alaskan Dog Breeds are grouped together as Spitz Dogs or Northern Breeds.

Spitz dogs are often classified as the Northern breeds because they are well suited to living in harsh cold climates.

Spitz-type breeds have a lot in common making them easy to identify by their looks.

They have an insulating undercoat that is very dense and a top coat that is thick, weather-resistant and meant to trap in the warmth of the body.

They all have wedge-shaped heads resembling foxes, and a thick tail that is carried over their back.

They have small prick ears that help to reduce the risk of frostbite, and thick fur on the paws protects the dogs from ice.

If you need a dog that appears to be smiling, the Spitz is for you.

Their face makes them look like they are smiling, but don’t read human emotions into that doggie look.

One significant difference in the Spitz dog breeds is their size.

The Karelian Bear Dog, for example, is a big powerful Spitz dog capable of taking down a bear.

The tiny Pomeranian is a favorite lap dog and companion and unlikely to do any job other than be a friend and watch dog!

Beyond their appearance, many of them share similar personality traits.

They are highly intelligent, independent, and harder to train.

They tend to be loyal but wary of strangers.

They love to work and that is what makes them happy.

Some Spitz dog breeds can be very aggressive.

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Brad and Stacie are professional breeders who live and work on site. We have over 30 years of experience and are committed to advancing the breeds we work with. Brad is a certified ASCA and AHBA judge.

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